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Limited Submission Opportunities

Calendar for Limited Submission Funding Opportunities

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What are Limited Submission Opportunities?

Limited submission programs restrict the number of proposals, applications or nominations an institution can submit to a funding agency.

These programs require institutions to conduct an internal solicitation and review process in which deans and directors of organized research units (ORU) nominate pre-proposals for internal review. A review committee chooses the proposal(s) that will go to the funding agency.

Announcements about Limited Submissions

Office of Research Development (ORD) notifies faculty members about limited submission opportunities in two ways:

  1. Calendar of limited submission opportunities
    ORD maintains a calendar of limited submission opportunities via the campus online competition management system. (See "Go to InfoReady Review" at the top of this page.) This calendar is not exhaustive; it includes only opportunities most likely to be of interest to investigators at UC Merced.
  2. Email announcements
    ORD also sends email for the announcement of newly opened internal limited submission competitions.

How to Apply for a Limited Submission Opportunity

Identify the internal deadline for submitting a pre-proposal for a specific opportunity on InfoReady Review

Prepare the competition-specific documents, and submit an online application prior to the internal limited submission deadline.

More information on the current limited submission process can be found here. (updated by Academic Personnel,  Committee on Research 3/2019)