Electronic Proposal Preparation

Welcome to RDS' Cayuse 424 and SP proposal submission software support page


Cayuse 424 forGrants.gov

Cayuse 424 is a web-based service connected directly to Grants.gov where UC Merced investigators and staff will log in and create their Grants.gov application for electronic submission. It's easy, it's fast and submits error-free applications into Grants.gov. It takes the worry out of the equation once submitted.

Cayuse 424 is available for 98% of federal grant opportunities available in Grants.gov.  There may be a few programs where Cayuse 424 cannot be use, including all collaborative proposals.

Login to Cayuse 424 and create a Proposal

System Set-up

Note that Cayuse424 works best with Firefox or Internet Explorer and uses pop-up windows. Ensure that your pop-up blockers are turned off. Cayuse documentation at: http://support.cayuse.com/docs/browser-support-configuration provides support for turning these off.

Authorizing a Proposal (for Deans and Directors) in Cayuse SP

Instructions for Authorizing a Proposal 

Certifying a Proposal (for PIs and Co-PIs) in Cayuse SP

Instructions for Certifying a Proposal

Pre-Award Processes:

Natural Sciences Cayuse Pilot Pre-Award Processes:


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